Diving into the Future: Live at digitalhealth Rewired 2024

DigitalHealth Rewired 2024 is the stage where the future of healthcare tech unfolds, and we're right there, bringing the action to you live from the NEC in Birmingham. With an electric atmosphere charged with innovation, this event is a melting pot of ideas set to revolutionise healthcare. Our MD Patrick Kelly-Weller  is on-site, serving as your eyes and ears, ready to distil the essence of this dynamic gathering into bite-sized updates packed with insight.

Picture the scene: a venue alive with the buzz of breakthroughs, from AI in diagnostics to virtual care platforms. Patrick's mission? To navigate this landscape, uncovering the trends and tech that matter. His updates will not only give you a glimpse into the future of digital health but also place you at the heart of the conversation shaping this evolution.

Stay tuned for real-time insights from DigitalHealth Rewired 2024, where innovation meets action. With every update from Patrick, expect a fresh dose of the latest in healthcare tech, straight from the frontline of change.

Don't have time to read through? Watch Patrick recap and unpack his DigitalHealth Rewired 2024 experience with good friend Jonny Isaacs from Explosive Brands on his engaging podcast.

Day 1: Unravelling the Fabric of Future Healthcare

Cyber Security Stage - Morning Insights

The day started with a critical examination of cyber security in healthcare. Prof. Daniel Ray and Martin Sadler dove into the complexities of managing cyber threats and outages. Prof. Ray posed the essential question of outage duration and its impact, citing a staggering 108-day outage at West Birmingham NHS Trust as a case study. This session highlighted the significance of backup systems and the documentation of crisis management steps. A poignant reminder was that human error often lies at the heart of vulnerabilities, emphasising the need for continuous vigilance through unannounced "hack days."

Smart Health Stage - Towards Intelligent Care

Mid-morning sessions transitioned to the promising horizon of smart hospitals. Innovations like digital twins and smart lighting were discussed by Steven Hipwell and Sherif Gonem, underscoring their potential to revolutionise patient care through improved efficiency and sustainability. The emphasis on wearable technology for real-time health monitoring marked a pivotal shift towards more proactive healthcare approaches. This segment concluded with reflections on the practical applications of smart technology in reducing administrative burdens and enhancing personalised care.

Integrated Care Stage - Inclusion and Design

The afternoon was dedicated to discussions around digital inclusion and user-led design in healthcare. Dr. Dan Jones and Linda Vernon shed light on the importance of engaging end-users early in the design process, moving away from a "shiny solution" focus to addressing real-world problems. They stressed the transformational impact of digital literacy and access, sharing insights on how providing second-hand PCs significantly increased digital health record accessibility. This session made a compelling case for designing with inclusivity at its core, ensuring digital tools enhance rather than replace personal healthcare experiences.

Digital Transformation Stage - NHS App Evolution

As the day neared its end, attention shifted to the transformation of the NHS App. Chris Fleming, Liz Clow, and Rachel Hope shared the app's journey towards becoming a digital gateway to healthcare in England. With millions of users leveraging the app for services like repeat prescriptions, the focus on expanding features to support preventative care highlights a strategic pivot towards empowering users in their health management journeys.

Smart Health Stage - Future Gazing

The day concluded with a forward-looking session on smart technology's role in actioning future healthcare visions. Discussions circled around enhancing cybersecurity measures and leveraging robotic process automation (RPA) to elevate healthcare delivery, envisioning a future where technology seamlessly integrates into the fabric of healthcare.

Day 2: Deepening Connections and Exploring New Frontiers

Patient Engagement Stage - Centric Innovations

Day two commenced with a focus on patient-centric innovation, featuring Rachel Francine's SingFit and Liz Ashall-Payne's insights on digital tool efficacy. The dialogue centred on the personalization of care through technological aids, emphasising the broad impact of digital engagement on patient care experiences.

AI, Data & Analytics - Insights into Action

The mid-morning session explored the practical applications of analytics and AI in healthcare, with speakers like Michael Ristau discussing the integration and ethical considerations of AI deployment. The narrative moved from theory to action, underscoring the need for a balanced approach to innovation that prioritises patient care and system efficiency.

Digital Leadership & Teams Stage - Building the Future Together

Collaborative digital team building was the theme of the early afternoon, where Yinka Makinde and Dr. Rupert Bright highlighted the importance of merging clinical expertise with digital acumen. This session underscored the value of trust, diversity, and shared vision in driving successful digital transformation in healthcare.

Digital AHP & Pharmacy Stage - Digital Medicines Transformation

The conference journey ended with a deep dive into digital advancements in allied health professions and pharmacy. Discussions revolved around the challenges and opportunities of digital medicine transformations, emphasising the need for interoperability and patient data continuity across care pathways.

Across two days, DigitalHealth Rewired 2024 painted a picture of a healthcare future defined by innovation, inclusion, and intelligent technology. Patrick Kelly-Weller's on-the-ground insights brought to life the dynamic exchanges, pioneering ideas, and collaborative spirit that promise to shape the healthcare landscape for years to come.

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