Advancing PsychiatryUK’s Tech Capabilities for Sustained Growth

PsychiatryUK stands at the forefront of psychiatric healthcare, providing comprehensive services that cater to a wide range of mental health needs. As a leader in their field, they continuously seek to innovate and improve their operational capabilities.

The Challenge

Adapt Digital was tasked with enhancing and maintaining PsychiatryUK's central operational application, pivotal for managing patients, clinicians, administration, and finance. The main challenge was navigating and improving an existing complex JavaScript codebase, including React (NextJS) and NodeJS, while simultaneously developing new features and ensuring the system’s long-term reliability.

The Project

Our approach combines consultancy and development, dedicating two developers nearly full-time to the project. We allocate approximately 30% of our efforts to consultancy and strategy, while the remaining 70% focuses on development. This balanced strategy ensures that PsychiatryUK’s application not only evolves with new features and improvements but also undergoes necessary refactoring for enhanced longevity and reliability.

"Adapt has integrated Psych-UK Ltd's digital clinical platform with key NHS services to improve care quality and efficiency. They have supported a range of engineering initiatives, helping us ensure the usability, scalability and security of our platform is continuously evolving."

Dr Lesa S Wright, Chief Digital Officer, Psych-UK Ltd

The Outcome

Currently supporting over 100,000 users with ambitions to scale up to millions, the application is a testament to our commitment to ongoing improvement and adaptability. The project exemplifies our ability to work within complex existing systems, ensuring their evolution and scalability in line with the client’s growth trajectory.

Empowering PsychiatryUK's Growth with Strategic Tech Development.