BAE Systems

Revitalising BAE Systems' Global Communication App

BAE Systems, the UK's leading defence contractor, is at the forefront of national security and defence technology. They are known for their cutting-edge solutions and global presence, serving a significant number of employees worldwide.

The Challenge

Adapt Digital was tasked with adopting, maintaining, and enhancing an existing hybrid web and mobile application previously developed by another agency. The application, a crucial tool for disseminating organisational news to BAE Systems' extensive global workforce, was built using WordPress in a headless state, AngularJS, and Cordova. The primary challenge was to delve into and understand a complex codebase created by another team, with the goal of transforming the app into a fully functional and reliable resource.

The Project

This project was a collaborative effort with a complimentary agency who maintained an existing relationship with BAE Systems. Redefining Communications, a business consultancy specialising in communication, brought Adapt in as a collaborative technical partner.

Our approach involved a meticulous analysis and understanding of the existing codebase, identifying areas for improvement and stability enhancement. We systematically integrated new features and functionality, ensuring seamless operation across both web and mobile platforms. The technology stack included a unique combination of WordPress, AngularJS, and Cordova, requiring a tailored strategy to optimally harness their capabilities.

"When we inherited the support for the app Patrick and his team came highly recommended as the people to help. They haven’t disappointed. It’s a challenging project and inheriting someone else’s work is never easy but the team at Adapt have been brilliant at delivering for the client.

They have the perfect combination of expertise, patience and humour that makes working together easy. They are creative with solutions to problems and flexible in how we support the client in a continually changing landscape."

Jenni Field, Founder & CEO, Redefining Comms

The Outcome

The efforts of Adapt Digital led to the stabilisation and optimisation of an application that was initially not meeting its intended purpose. Our intervention transformed the app into a robust and reliable tool, facilitating effective communication across BAE Systems' global workforce. The project stands as a testament to our ability to not only manage and maintain complex systems but also to enhance and improve upon existing digital solutions.

Revitalising BAE Systems' App for Effective Global Communication.