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est. 2015

We passionately believe that technology, specifically cloud connected technology, is here to help – not hinder – us. This is the foundation upon which Adapt was formed in February 2015. Since then, we have been imagining creative ways to solve an infinite variety of problems for an ever expanding portfolio of clients.

What gets us out of bed every morning? Your problems. More specifically, solving them for you. We love hearing about a time consuming manual process or perhaps some mundane tasks you have to do repetitively. No, not because we’re mean – because this is where we excel! We love putting our skills to use to make your life easier and, most importantly, more enjoyable.

We like to describe ourselves as creatively enthusiastic developers. This means we care deeply about our creations not only functioning well but looking sleek too. Between the members of our small but confident and capable in-house team, and with the help of our growing network of trusted specialists, we have the skills and experience required to deliver projects of any scale – on time & on budget.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have completed projects for an ever-expanding portfolio of companies & brands across the UK and Europe. Each with their own unique story of success, we eagerly await our next challenge. Got something you think we could help you with? Great! Get in touch and let’s find out.

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Our team might be small but we have a mighty collection of skills & experience between us. Collectively, we have over 20 years worth of experience in the web industry. Combining this experience with our that of our hand-picked partners enables us to provide the clout of bigger agencies, with the nimbleness & flexibility of a smaller one.

Technical Consultant

our process


First of all, we sit down with you to discuss the problem you're having and take a deep dive into your business during an initial consultation meeting. The more you're able to tell us about your business, the more we're likely to be able to help. We might ask you questions which you don't feel are entirely related to the problem you feel you have. This is because more often than not, what you feel may be the problem is actually just a symptom of the genuine cause.

Using the insights we gain from your answers and the additional information you provide us with, we will put our thinking caps on & begin strategising around how we can nail the final solution. We’ll then arrange to discuss our findings & talk through the solution we propose to seamlessly implement for you.


You love the sound of our idea?! Great! Let’s start designing a creative direction for how the final product might look. Using assets which you provide and adding our own creative flair, we’ll create something which is simply stunning and naturally intuitive to use. We believe in the ethos of ‘less is more’ - providing clarity to the end user to get them to their destination as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Once you’re happy with the product’s aesthetics, with your approval we start getting our hands dirty turning those creative mockups into a functioning product. More often than not, this is the longest, most complex phase of any project and will usually take the most amount of time. Believe us, it’ll be worth the wait!


The delivery of each of our projects is where everything comes together to finalise the project. We always try our best to get everything right the first time around but it’s not always possible. Sometimes your requirements might change or we may discover a more effective way to do things during a project. Therefore the delivery phase of a project, more often than not, includes a little back and forwards to get things absolutely perfect before completing the project & carrying out a full handover meeting.

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