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We are problem solvers

At our core

Since before the company's inception in February 2015 our founder, Patrick, has been solving problems using technology in a variety of ways for an even wider variety of people. Some of these projects were more simple than others, such as the creation of bespoke websites across varying platforms including Wordpress & Shopify. Others, however, are more complex - such as creating bespoke web & mobile applications from scratch.

With a growing family of clients & team members, our direction moving forwards is now clearer than it has ever been; to enhance business performance through digital technology.

This could come in a variety of forms but we like to summarise it as; solving complex business challenges by crafting bespoke web & mobile applications and website features to power performance, enhance efficiency & generate growth for our clients.

Our Process

Diagnose Diagnose


First of all we sit down with you to discuss the problem you're having and take a deep dive into your business during an initial consultation meeting. The more you're able to tell us about your business, the more we're likely to be able to help. We might ask you questions which you don't feel are entirely related to the problem you feel you have. This is because more often than not, what you feel may be the problem is actually just a symptom of the genuine cause.

Devise Devise


Using the data we collate from the questions you answer and information you provide us with in the Diagnose phase, we will put our thinking caps on & begin strategising an end-to-end strategic solution. We will then arrange to meet with you again to discuss our findings & the solution we proposed to seamlessly implement for you.

Design Design


You love the sound of our idea?! Great! Let's start creating a creative direction for how the final product might look. Using assets which you provide and adding our own creative flare, we'll create something simply stunning and naturally intuitive to use. As you will hopefully agree, we believe in 'less is more' - providing clarity to the end user to get them to their destination as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Develop Develop


Once you're happy with how the product is going to look and with your confirmation; we start getting our hands dirty in turning those creative mockups into a functioning product. This is invariably the longest, most complex phase of any project and will usually take the most amount of time. Believe us, it'll be worth the wait!

Deliver Deliver


The delivery of each of our projects is where everything comes together to finalise the project. We always try our best to get everything right the first time around but it's not always possible. Sometimes your requirements might change or we may discover a more effective way to do things during a project. Therefore the delivery phase of a project, more often than not includes a little back and forwards to get things absolutely perfect before completing the project & carrying out a full handover meeting.

Our Clients