Silou London

Bespoke flagship e-commerce store

Founded in 2016 by former model and mother of three Tatiana Kovylina, and marketing entrepreneur and yoga teacher Phoebe Greenacre, the pair created their first range of functional, sustainable, feminine “lifewear” as a response to their busy lifestyles and the need for multi-tasking pieces that could be worn to the gym and beyond.

The challenge

We have been fortunate enough to have maintained a long standing & close relationship with Silou London. From the early stages of their inception as an organisation, we created them a bespoke WordPress website with WooCommerce bolstering the e-commerce functionality.

This served them very well, allowing them to launch quickly and start taking orders. However, over time as their product range, number of customers & frequency of orders increased – we soon started to feel we were stretching the capabilities of this original website. Highlighted by a gradual decrease in load times for both visitors & administrators, it was time to find & implement a better solution to fuel their next phase of growth.

The project

Enter; Shopify. WordPress is natively a content management system with the ability to “bolt on” added functionality such as commerce. Whereas Shopify is a dedicated e-commerce platform with one sole focus; to allow store owners to sell as much product to their customers as possible.

As a result, Shopify work extremely hard to maintain impressive performance for all of the sites hosted on their platform. Not to mention the purpose-built administration area focused around e-commerce first; content second.

The outcome

The successful migration of the Silou London website from WordPress with WooCommerce over to Shopify came just in time for a planned sale campaign. In the 2 weeks since the migration, the website generated ~25% more revenue than each of the 3 previous months on average.

25% increase in revenue over just 2 weeks following the migration.

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