Jedz Bottles

Bespoke Shopify Customisations

Jedz was the brainchild of father and son team – John and Ed Thompson. Frustrated by the number of plastic bottles discarded every day they realised they can’t pull all the plastic out of the sea, or prevent a single more ounce of it from being thrown away so instead decided to offer people another option. The Jedz bottle was born.

Ever aware of the environmental impact of plastic and the lack of clean drinking water for over 780 million people worldwide, they dedicate £1 from every Jedz bottle bought to fund projects that provide clean water to people that don’t have it.

The challenge

Jedz approached us with an existing Shopify website using a customised off-the-shelf theme and a requirement to allow their customers the ability to personalise their bottle before purchasing. Of course, we gladly obliged!

Even though we weren’t involved in the development of the original website for Jedz, we were only too pleased to delve deep into the codebase. Deploying our reverse engineering technique to figure out what makes it tick and, more importantly, what we needed to do to achieve the desired outcome for our client.

The project

It soon became apparent that, due to various nuances with this specific Shopify theme, we would need to implement a hybrid combination of bespoke & customised off-the-shelf solutions. The majority of the final outcome was bespoke code, written in house ourselves; with only ~20% of our time dedicated towards heavily customising an off-the-shelf add-on.

The outcome

The final outcome is a smooth working product customisation & personalisation feature allowing customers to select their size, colour, finish, optional icon & optional text to their bottle.

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