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Increased Performance by 92%

Let's Go With The Children is a website designed to give families access to & ideas for local attractions to visit 'with the children'. The website was built on the Wordpress platform with an entirely bespoke theme & accompanying plugin.

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The Tortoise & The Hare

Let's Go With approached us in a state of despair, having spent over a year in attempting to create the initial version of this website themselves through a combination of off the shelf themes & plugins. With only ~25% of results uploaded into the website, it was taking over 30 seconds to load a page.

We rebuilt the site from scratch, using the original site as a design reference, with clean professionally written code we were able to reduce these load times to 1-2 seconds with 100% of results uploaded.

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Performance enhanced by ~92%

The resulting website ended up out performing the original off-the-shelf solution by around 92%. This improvement has subsequently allowed the organisation to increase their marketing spend with the confidence in the knowledge the website is performing at its peak.