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By Sam Bliss

20th May 2020

The Adapt team have been working remotely since the early part of this year, the idea being we could literally work from anywhere, should we want to. We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to do this as all we need is our laptops, a working plug socket and a good wifi connection and away we can go.

With the onset of the COVID19 outbreak, we are all now working from home full time. The lack of daily face to face banter never seemed too much of an issue before as we messaged each other regularly about work and non-work related topics and we could always meet up at a nice coffee shop for a good chin wag and see friends and family often.

We are now in week 8 of lock-down and I know everyone is chomping at the bits to get some sort of normality back in our lives but for a lot of us, this lock-down isn’t yet over. If you are living with a medical condition or family members that are vulnerable there is the very real concern you could bring the virus home.

I thought it would be a good time to share some of my hints and tips on managing your workload on a daily basis whilst working from home as for some us it could still be a while until it is safe enough to venture out. I am currently living with my elderly mum (don’t let her know I called her elderly) and my 19 year old daughter who has Type 1 Diabetes, both of whom are classed as being vulnerable to severe illness should they catch the virus.


1. Routine

Top of my list is to try and keep a routine. Your routine may have been adapted as there are no commutes to the office to contend with but I’ve found having a routine is vital to me setting up my day right. Gone are the days of getting up early to be in the office for 9am, I now get up at about 8am, feed my dog, make the all-important first cup of tea for the day (one of many) and throw on some clothes (yes bottoms included). I’m usually logged on between 8.30-9am and can trawl through my emails before the day comes to life.


2. Breaks

It can be so easy to get distracted, don’t feel guilty for taking a break to relax. Instead of just logging onto Facebook, use your breaks to get away from your desk. Go for a walk outside or spend time with others who might also be in the house. One of the enjoyable things to come from this global event is that I get to have my lunchtime break with my family. Before it used to be a sandwich in front of my laptop, now we eat lunch together and chat about all sorts. It certainly breaks the day up.


3. Exercise

Taking my dog for a walk is also a highlight of my day, he’s a funny boy who walks with real swagger and thinks he’s the king of the pavement. He’s a very social dog and usually loves nothing more than meeting new people and receiving fuss but obviously this is not something we can do right now so he’s having to contend with lots of fuss from his servant at home (Me).


4. Locations

If it’s a sunny day and your able, try and work outside for a while. It will certainly give your Vitamin D a boost but make sure you apply sunscreen. I also work in different locations in the house to bring a little change of scenery. So far I’ve worked in the office, dining room and kitchen, I haven’t tried the lounge yet as I think the sofas might be a little too relaxing.


5. Plan Ahead

At the end of each day, I spend time making a plan of action for the next day This helps me focus first thing each morning as I know exactly what needs to be done and I won’t be tempted to change the plan on a whim. Saying that it’s important to let your plan change if you need it to, but it’s equally as important to commit to it as it will outline every task before you begin.

There are several tools on the market to make your remote life a little easier too. We will be sharing with you the tools we use at Adapt to keep in touch and manage our work.

I hope you have found my tips useful.

Keep safe and well.

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